Realiteq Control and Monitoring Remote

RealiView is a full-featured HMI application including development and run-time environments. RealiView can be used to quickly prototype an HMI or to develop a full blown process control application with hundreds of inputs, graphic displays, alarms, trends and data logging displays.

RealiView was designed to be scalable and as easy to use as possible. It features simple and consistent user interfaces. The design tools allow easily designed graphic displays to visualize your process, without having to leave the runtime environment or to restart it for changes to take effect.

RealiView is a single exe file. It does not need to be installed. Just double-click to run it. The RealiView can run directly from a "Disk- on- Key", you just need a computer with standard connection to the internet.

User Screens

RealiView graphic displays are the primary elements of an HMI system. They present real time information to the operator, in graphical form, and allow him to change and control field values. This can be done by either entering numerical values by using the keyboard or by direct manipulation using the mouse to click and drag graphical elements.

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